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pizza recipes

Before I get to last night’s pizza recipes, I first wanted to introduce you all to a new favorite lunch spot in Portland.  After a day running around doing wedding preparations we found ourselves famished and in need of some substance. … Continue reading

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the big green egg part 5?

In the last year my family has cooked many meals on the big green egg.  It is a huge event at our house when the green egg is up and running.  We all gather around and watch in awe as … Continue reading

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the aftermath…

This is what Taylor looks like after a long day of pruning apple trees in the freezing cold: I felt bad because my day looked more like this: While Taylor was busy pruning apple trees in 20 degree weather, I … Continue reading

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Just a friendly competition between two lovers.  Okay, this was more than a friendly competition, but that is only because it involved a very important matter….pizza.  You all know how much Taylor and I love our pizza.  It is an … Continue reading

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bison pizza

My day started off like this: And ended like this: Let me back this up. We had to use the last of the store-bought dough.  Since I will start making it from scratch.  Plus we could not wait any longer … Continue reading

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rosemary herb pizza crust lives on

So you all know that my  first homemade pizza dough was consumed by Henry.   Erika and I added so much garlic to the crust that Henry’s breath still smells bad!  However, being the determined cooks that we are we made … Continue reading

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What can I say…we worked hard in the cold and rain.  Apparently we need pizza on a weekly basis.  Sometimes a bi-weekly basis is necessary. Depending on how hard we worked that week.  And tonight we needed pizza.  We worked … Continue reading

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