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spicy sesame roasted eggplant and green bean salad

Top ten things likely to be said on a typical day at Tumbleweed Farm 10. Oh thank god, we didn’t kill the kale 9. Quick, grab Henry before he eats the neighbors chickens 8. Did you check the weather forecast? … Continue reading

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roasted apple and brussels sprouts grain salad

This is a lazy farmers dinner. There really isn’t time to cook fancy dinners when there are weeds to pick, seeds to plant, and bugs to kill. Oh yeah, and The Voice is back on T.V. and we definitely need … Continue reading

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spicy black bean and sweet potato stew

When you spend all day spreading manure over your fields a hot shower, a glass of wine, and a bowl of spicy soup is only necessary. What if I told you that despite the smell and the blood blister forming … Continue reading

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swiss chard and black bean quesadillas

It’s no secret that we love swiss chard. In fact holding an armful of swiss chard on a hot summer morning is my idea of heaven. Actually, a truck full of chard with my friend Amanda hiding back there may … Continue reading

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twice baked butternut squash with kale and quinoa

I’ve decided a few things over the past couple of days. 1. It’s a good thing the local weatherman’s address is not listed in the white pages 2. There really isn’t anything better than a bubble bath at the end … Continue reading

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sweet potato grilled cheese sandwich with kale pesto

This is a farmers lunch that really hits the spot! We spent the majority of our weekend up at the farm. There was an unexpected wind and snow storm and we were a little worried that our propane tank (which … Continue reading

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confessions of an organic farmer IV

Taylor and I often use the garden hose to hose each other off before we go inside for the day. When Taylor text messages me “how are the children doing?” I know he is referring to our seedlings. I sort … Continue reading

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