rise and shine smoothie

Fueling yourself for a long day in the farm fields can be a tough thing to tackle. Especially when it’s 5 a.m. and you are simply too tired to “chew” on real food.  If you have to wake up early like we do I suggest dusting off your blender and grabbing a straw. Rise and Shine Smoothie to the rescue!


This smoothie is not only amazing fuel for a couple of farmers, but it is the perfect way to start your day no matter what you have to tackle.  My recipe can be found here on the barre3 website. In case you are not familiar with Barre3, I wrote a post a year ago about how much this form of exercise has helped me become a stronger farmer and runner. You should check out my experience hereI am obsessed with their online workouts and my lower back and hamstrings (which have totally been abused since I became a farmer) will always be thankful for this amazing method!

In other news, Taylor and I seeded over a thousand kale seeds today.


Raise your hand if you are a kale lover!


A man with an armful of kale is pretty much my dream man! I am one lucky lady.


After seeding our kale we put them in the greenhouse alongside our onions. I hope everyone is happy in there.


I have a delicious dinner recipe to share with you all tomorrow. Have a fabulous night!

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23 Responses to rise and shine smoothie

  1. makingthymeforhealth says:

    Oh, oh, I’m a kale lover! (My hand is raised) I loved reading your barre3 review. I have been seriously considering working out at home because the traffic here is such a batch an I can’t make it classes at the gym on time. The online classes sound like a great option. Do the classes continue to change over time?

    • drealieberg says:

      You should definitely try the online classes! There are SO many different classes they offer. It never gets boring and it is always a kick in the butt workout! Let me know if you decide to give it a go! You really should!

  2. haha, congrats on seeding all that kale! Looks like it’s off to a great start!

  3. I’ve never actually tried kale–I’m weird, I get that. I already decided to try a new veggie this week (brussel sprouts, wish me luck), so I might as well add kale to the list in celebration of your seeding so much of it 🙂

  4. Joanne says:

    I love waking up to a good smoothie! this sounds super nutritious and delicious! My gym is starting to hold barre classes…I’m so excited to try them out!

  5. Your smoothie looks delicious! The perfect way to start the day. I haven’t tried almond butter in my smoothies before – will be doing that for sure.

  6. Amy Jo - Pure and Simple says:

    Over a thousand kale seeds???? That line distracted me from even the most beautiful smoothie in those photos. I am coming out to your farm!

  7. Yay for kale!! That smoothie blend must be crazy good. I love the fact that it’s with almond butter. Sounds like a very filling and nutritious early morning breakfast. “Rise and shine” – you gave it a perfect name :). I’m eager to try those online workouts…

  8. Julia says:

    Oh my gosh, look at all that kale! I’d take a bouquet of kale over roses any ol’ day!! Your smoothie looks like it’s packed with nutrients and I can’t tell ya how much I need this right now! I haven’t been doing a great job eating my veggies lately and they’d be great all blended up with bananas, blueberries, etc! Hope your week’s going well so far and can’t wait to see your dinner recipe!!

  9. bakerbynature says:

    I would like to both rise and shine to this lovely smoothie, please!

  10. Sue says:

    Me too. Would love to rise and shine to this smoothie….it would make my whole day.

  11. I actually haven’t seen kale at my local fruitshop for a while. I did however have a beetroot and ginger juice this morning 🙂 Your smoothie looks like it would go down a treat!

  12. Kale is so hard to find here in Buenos Aires, and it makes me so mad…! I wish I lived near your farm! Knock-out smoothie!

  13. jlaceda says:

    I LOVE Red Russian Kale!!!!! I buy mine from a local greenhouse here in Toronto. They have very beautiful micro Red Russian Kale 🙂

  14. I have two little Red Russian kale plants out front, they’re still small though so I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Going to wait until they’re a bit stronger!

    And OMG. You guys are so dedicated, I a blown away by the idea of sowing over 1000 seeds in one day!! And so many little baby onions in that tray. You are like a tornado of plant-related productivity! You need all the vitamins from that smoothie keeping so busy out there 🙂 That smoothie sounds wonderful, too!

  15. I say kale, you say kale. Kale! Kale! Kale! Kale!

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