chicken and dumplings

Maybe it was the beer? Buttttt I’m pretty sure it was the chicken.  Regardless of what it was, this meal tasted pretty darn good.

With giant chunks of carrots (from Hutchins Farm!) celery, onions, and mushrooms this puppy was loaded with goodness.  Oh yeah, and then there was this guy.  He tasted pretty good too.

Our little chicken made me proud.  He tasted amazing. Don’t get your hopes up though, I think this is the last chicken recipe you will see for a while. I’m still emotionally exhausted from the whole experience!  Until then I hope this recipe tides you over.

Drumroll please…….we enjoyed this meal with new friends! Yep, my stalking method is working. Our new friends live close to Tumbleweed and also have a yellow lab.  Not only did we have a blast but the dogs were in heaven! It was a lovely evening.

Since I am not very confident in my meat cooking abilities I turned to someone I knew I could trust.  Martha Stewart! The recipe we followed was pretty much her recipe, however, we used a crock pot and she does not.  The method is pretty much the same and I feel better giving you her recipe since we tweaked ours so much. Feel free to add as many different veggies to this dish as you can.  We added mushrooms and they were amazing! Go wild!

Martha’s recipe can be found here.

In other news….  Taylor and I spent the day mapping out Tumbleweed farm.  We measured the whole field and are now making a list of the things we want to grow. We are figuring out how much seed we need to order, how much space each crop/planting will take up, and how many different plantings we will need of each crop.  It’s exciting and requires a lot of math!

Taylor’s the math guy.

We feel like we got a lot done today and now I am ready to start planning our Thanksgiving menu. I hope you all get to enjoy the holiday with friends, family, and great food.

Have a wonderful evening!

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2 Responses to chicken and dumplings

  1. Jean says:

    A farmer’s work is never done! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  2. Sherry Kennedy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Taylor! I pray God’s richest blessings on your family as you embark on this new venture.

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