vegan mushroom gravy

Don’t let the title of this post fool you.  The three of us are still meat eaters!

Those are meat eating faces, don’t ya think?

Okay, seriously though.  Taylor and I have not been eating very much meat ever since the pig roast.  Nothing like 35 pounds of hog to kickstart a meat cleanse! Taylor still orders a burger almost every time we go out to dinner (which isn’t very often), but I haven’t been eating meat for a while now.  However, that’s about to change. Our landlords up at Tumbleweed have chickens that are getting butchered on Sunday and we are helping out. You can expect some chicken recipes coming your way soon! So if I have left you hungry recently, don’t worry I will get some meat on your bones STAT!

I figure if I can kill a chicken that has been humanly raised I think I can eat it.  However, if  I “chicken” out during the butchering process I will stick to my veggies!

Back to the vegan gravy.

This was delicious.  I shouldn’t even call it vegan gravy because the word vegan scares my husband almost as much as the word vegetarian.  This gravy is for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.  And with Thanksgiving just a week away this was a nice introduction to the festive foods we are about to eat!

We made our favorite kale and quinoa stuffed delicata squash and topped them with the mushroom gravy. I am drooling looking at the picture all over again! This gravy would taste awesome on turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or any winter squash you love. Go wild!

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

4 cups veggie stock

2-3 tbs olive oil

3 cups mushrooms, chopped, I used a mix of my favorites but any kind will work

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1 yellow onion, diced

3 large cloves of garlic, minced

2 tsp dried thyme

1/2 cup of dry white wine

2 tbs nutritional yeast (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl combine the flour and veggie stock. Mix well and set aside.

In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat.  Add the onions.  Cook for about 5 minutes or until onions become soft.  Add garlic, mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper.  Cook for about 5 more minutes. Stirring often.

Add the wine and bring to a boil.  Cook for a few minutes or until the wine cooks down.  Add the broth and flour mixture.  Stir well. Add the nutritional yeast (if using) and cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes stirring often. Taste test and see if you need any more salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to vegan mushroom gravy

  1. allisonimacaroni says:

    yum. Looks amazing as always! I love the picture of the chickens in the garden. My sister’s a vegetarian, so i’m always after recipes we can all eat (we live together). Sounds great. We even have a surplus of nutritional yeast. Thanks again.

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