spicy sweet potato burgers

This is a warning. What you are about to see below is yet another sweet potato recipe.  If your skin is turning orange you can send all complaints to my personal assistant.

He’ll take care of you.

So guys, remember when I made those awesome chipotle quinoa sweet potato patties? They were so good on top of mixed greens, but we thought they would taste even better smack dab in the middle of two buns.

Turns out, we were right.

Be prepared though.  These are not your typical veggie burgers.  They are nice and crispy on the outside but a little “mushy” on the inside.  And I say “mushy” in the best sense of the word.  They are totally delicious.

You can find the recipe for the burgers here

In other news, look what is starting to pop up!

Our winter cover crop.  Yay!  We feel like proud parents.

Alright, off to get tonight’s dinner started and watch the election. Have a nice evening.

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4 Responses to spicy sweet potato burgers

  1. Love your recipes. Love your photos. Tomorrow a.m. I’m making a double batch of your pumpkin oatmeal–I’ll be counting on it to help me either celebrate or mourn today’s election results …

  2. I made butternut squash cakes tonight and thought of you! http://allrecipes.com/recipe/butternut-squash-cakes/

  3. alli says:

    I think they need an Iron Chef – Farmer Edition where contestants get to grow their own ingredients. You’d kick butt and take names. Those patties look to-die-for gourmet.

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