still truckin

Tomorrow is our last day of farm work at Hutchins Farm.  Things are beginning to feel real!

We spent a VERY cold morning harvesting all of the usual stuff.  Cold fingers, wet clothes, and runny noses was pretty much the trend for the first half of the day. However, once the afternoon hit we were joyfully harvesting potatoes and sweet potatoes in warmer temperatures!

The sweet potatoes were the real highlight of the day though.

I do love my sweet potatoes.  And if you think for one second that I am not hoarding a bag of these and brining them to Oregon than you are mistaken.  I have a secret stash (not so secret anymore!) of some goodies that I am bringing to the west coast.  My secret stash of produce is the only thing keeping me from totally losing it right now!

In other news, since we no longer have a working kitchen Taylor and I dined on mediocre food from the Whole Foods hot bar this evening. It was kind of depressing….

Taylor ordered pizza and sushi (don’t ask) and I ordered carrot ginger soup and salad.

The good news is that we are full.

The bad news is that we feel slightly depressed and a lot poorer after the whole experience.  We should have gone out for pizza and beer.  What were we thinking???

We are almost done with packing and with every box we move out of the house Henry is even closer to having a nervous breakdown.  It’s been a rough day.

Off to watch the Vice Presidential debate.  Not sure if that will help the mood or make it worse.

Wish us luck on our last day of farming on the east coast.  It’s going to be a tear jerker that’s for sure!

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7 Responses to still truckin

  1. No way!!! We had the SAME experience last night at our Whole Foods! As we sat there eating our quite expensive tasteless food, we wondered what we were thinking. We almost bought a pizza to take home and bake, but we were so hungry and didnt want to wait so we ate there. Big mistake! Even the “spicy deep fried cauliflower” had no flavor! We came home, poured some wine & beer and snacked on pistachios! xo

  2. Julie Lohuis says:

    I have followed your blog silently since I read about you in the NY Times. I just figured out you are moving to Oregon to your own farm! Congratulations!

  3. mary ann says:

    The best I can say about the prepared foods that I’ve eaten at Whole Foods is that they are consistent: mediocre, and overpriced.
    Good-byes are so hard. . .but I guess that the happy spin that people can put to such “good-byes” is that, if you had not been blessed with true friends and relationships. . .then parting would not be sad.

  4. Lisa says:

    Andrea, I have enjoyed your blog for a couple of years now and want to wish you the best in your new adventure. I used to live in Waltham and I have loved—and will miss—following the seasons in New England through your posts. But, having lived in Oregon also, I look forward to sharing (vicariously) this next chapter, full of lovely photos, wonderful and creative recipes, and an inspiring peek into another livelihood. The best of luck to you, Taylor, and Henry.

  5. grandma says:

    Change is so hard, but if nothing changes, nothing gets better!!!
    Just say thanks for the memories (sorry Bob Hope) and move on to a new experience. You don’t have to lose the past, tuck it away in your hearts and jump into your new life. There will be many more moves for you, we all have them, each one gives you more to take away than you had when you arrived. Life is great that way.
    (taking notes for your book?)

  6. Blessings to both of you on this next step in your journey. I enjoy your blog and photos and look forward to whatever comes next.

  7. Good luck with your move! I left MA for OH last year and I still miss those NE wonders, especially the fall, but you will find so many COOL things to love about your new place. I can’t wait to read all about it–you’re not going to stop blogging are you?! If you do I will be as depressed and close to nervous breakdown as Henry is about the move. 🙂

    Safe travels!

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