lets roast a pig

Happy birthday to my husband, best friend, and fellow bacon lover.

I knew we were the perfect match 8 years ago when we both ordered extra bacon on our burgers. We have been inseparable ever since.

Taylor turned 30 on Friday. It’s a big birthday and I wanted to celebrate the best way I know how.  Lots of friends, great food, and in this case a giant pig.

Taylor was totally in the dark and the expression on his face when he saw a pig roasting in our backyard was priceless.  If you are a vegetarian you may not want to see the below photos.  However, this was quite the experience and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

It all started at a small meat farm 30 miles away…..

My best friend and I went to pick up this guy.

He was pretty heavy!

Once the pig was home safe and sound a whole bunch of our friends came over to help set up the biggest surprise party for Taylor.  It was awesome!

Lots of picnic tables.

And plenty of this goodness!

And this goodness.

But more importantly there was this.

35 pounds of our favorite kind of meat.  Taylor was over the moon!

Best meat of our life.

Celebrated with all of our friends.

On one of the most beautiful New England evenings filled with bon fires, tiki torches, pork, and lots of whisky.

It was the perfect birthday celebration for my awesome husband.

Happy birthday Taylor.


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10 Responses to lets roast a pig

  1. amy leclerc says:

    Fabulous evening for a fabulous dude. We love you Taylor! So glad Andrea gave you the party you deserved. Only wish we were there in person to celebrate. xo

  2. Pam Lewis says:

    Looks like so much fun! Great to be young and in love unless of course you are old and in love!
    Pam & Jim

  3. Leese says:

    You guys really know how to throw a shindig! I’ll bet good music was involved too! Happy Birthday,Taylor!

  4. Love it love it love it!

  5. Ceci says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor! We share the same day! Although, I don’t eat port…(sorry) I certainly hope you enjoyed your feast! I’ll take some Wiskey Cider!! 🙂

  6. Georgina says:

    Wow, what a nice thing to do for your hubby’s birthday. I need to step up my game!

  7. frhuman says:

    Wow! What an experience! Sounds awesome!

  8. Liz D says:

    Happy birthday Taylor! Sorry I haven’t been following you lately, but just got caught up on the past 6 months of your blog, the photos keep getting better and better and tell a story in their own way. Love the one of you and Henry a while back looking gagsta, I see the king ropes hat is still with you, and Taylor hasn’t shaved since last Thanksgiving….all things good. Glad life is treating all of you well!

    • drealieberg says:

      Hey Liz!
      Thanks for catching up. We had a fabulous birthday celebration. Hope all is well out your way. We will be neighbors soon! XO

  9. Liz D says:

    sorry henry wasnt looking gagsta….he was looking gangsta!

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