beet burgers

I know what you’re thinking.  And no, that burger is not undercooked.  I promise.

I clearly have a problem.  Beets for breakfast, beets for lunch, and beets for dinner.  Someone check me into rehab please.  I’m turning purple.

The recipe below is a new favorite way to eat veggie burgers.  Taylor prefers these burgers with ketchup and mustard. I like the basil goat cheese spread that I made below. Either way, they are pretty tasty! I will admit though, to my disappointment they did not taste very “beety” You need to doctor them up with all the fixings. We still loved them though.

Roasted beet hamburgers with Basil Goat Cheese Spread:

The trick to these burgers is to roast the beets first.  I always roast mine with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  That brings out the best flavor I think.

Here is what you need for the burgers:

1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice

1 1/2 cups grated roasted beets (you can do this with a box grater or a food processor)

1 15 oz can of white beans

1 egg

1/4 cup chopped fresh herbs like parsley and dill

1 large clove of garlic finely minced (or two cloves it you love garlic like us!)

juice of half a lemon

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil.

Puree the beans with the herbs, lemon juice, garlic, egg and olive oil.  Scrape mixture into a bowl with rice and beets.  Add salt and pepper.

Form patties.  We were able to make 5 patties.  Heat about 1 -2 tbs of olive oil in a large skillet.  Cook patties for about 3-5 minutes per side over medium to medium-high heat.

Serve with basil and goat cheese spread.

4 oz of soft goat cheese

1 cup fresh basil

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 large clove of garlic.

Mix everything together in a food processor until smooth and creamy.

Spread over you beet burgers.

These would also taste awesome with ketchup, pickles, and tomato!  Go crazy!

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2 Responses to beet burgers

  1. Tristan says:

    What do you cook with all the beet greens?;)

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