zucchini chips

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

This was mine and Taylor’s last weekend off until November.

We needed to go out with a bang.  So we strapped on our backpacks, hiked 10 miles into the White Mountains, set up camp, drank wine, ate hotdogs by the fire, and then hiked out the next morning. It was wonderful.

Just me and my boys……

And some boxed wine and a tent.

What more does a girl need?

Okay, maybe the hotdogs didn’t do it for me.  And after miles of hiking I needed a little more food. We came home and made grilled cheese sandwiches and zucchini chips.  That is more my style.

I love my cheezers with a sliced tomato and extra sharp cheddar cheese.  Perfection.

The highlight of this meal was the zucchini chips though.  These puppies are awesome!

They are a healthy alternative to a potato chip.  Here is what ya do:

Preheat your oven to 425.

Slice your zucchini into 1/4 inch wide rounds

have a bowl of 2 egg whites, and a bowl of equal parts bread crumbs and parmesan cheese (I used about 1/4 cup of each.  It all depends on how many chips you make.)

Place rounds in egg wash first, and then in cheese mixture.  Place on an oiled baking sheet and bake for about 25-30 minutes.  Checking frequently to make sure they aren’t burning.  Serve hot!


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3 Responses to zucchini chips

  1. mary ann says:

    NOVEMBER!!!! Yikes! I’m glad you 3 had fun!

  2. Beth says:

    Henry is one contented pooch! What a nice way to welcome your summer.

  3. I saw this and immediately started looking around the kitchen for something to make into a chip…

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