under the weather

Last night Taylor and I fell asleep around 8:30.  Work was really busy yesterday and I feel like we are both fighting off a cold.  Hoping to nip this in the bud so nothing comes of it.

Since we were under the weather dinner was easy.  Rice and beans. I was too tired to take a picture, but rice and beans isn’t really worth the effort.  I am sure you can picture it perfectly!

After eating a boring dinner I sat in front of my email and salivated over this photo my mom emailed me.

While we dined on rice and beans she was busy cooking up salmon, fennel, onion and potato in a lemon caper marinade.

I am a Northwest girl and salmon is my favorite.  We never eat it out here because it’s too expensive.  I was ready to give my right arm for just a bite of this meal.

Mom will you come make this for us?  Please!

Hopefully tonight I will feel better and get back into the kitchen.

Off to the farm.  It’s going to be a wet rainy day.  ugggg.


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3 Responses to under the weather

  1. mary ann says:

    Feel better, you 2!!
    (And when you DO feel healthy again. . .I bet there’s lots of us who would like to have your mother’s recipe. . .it looks plate-licking good!)

  2. Leslie says:

    Hope you are feeling better or better yet fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Y’all are in my prayers !

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