biggest catch

If we lived near a clean river dinner would have been amazing.

The boys went fishing…..

Unfortunately, the water around here is really polluted.  So instead of a fish dinner, we drank beer and made a quiche instead.

No one complained about that.

Sometimes the best dinners are breakfast items.  And this quiche really hit the spot.

It was loaded with mushrooms, peppers, onions, zucchini, extra sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and bacon.

We used eggs from our friends chickens, and store-bought whole wheat pie crust.  Doesn’t get any better than that. (Unless you are a baker and make your own crust) Baking = a kitchen disaster in our home!

We enjoyed our quiche with an arugula salad and a glass of wine.  The perfect meal.

Enjoy your evening.

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3 Responses to biggest catch

  1. Leese says:

    Fishing will bring out the inner child in anyone! Look how happy those guys are !Snagging and preparing my own catch for dinner is so satisfying.(I’m an over 40 female) What a shame that our waterways are so polluted. The only place where I will fish is the ocean ; even that is iffy. Nice looking Bass,though,and the quiche looks to die for!

  2. trudy says:

    Did the fish go back into the river? It must have been terrified.

  3. Trish says:

    wow is that every disappointing that the river is so polluted that you can’t eat the fish. I live near the Mississippi, and they tell us to not eat fish from the river more than a few times a week, but I do eat it. I would rather have that than some fish raised under questionable conditions in Asia. we now also have the Asian carp, and I must say that we are doing our best to conquer the invaders by consuming them.

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