Friday started out like this:

We called for reinforcements and my older brother Adam flew out to Massachusetts all the way from Montana.  He spent the morning cultivating the strawberries.  What a guy!

Meanwhile, me, Taylor, and the rest of the crew got ready to plant lettuce.

First lettuce planting finally outside.  Success.

Thank god rain is on the way.  The lettuce was a little thirsty.

Ironically we were a little thirsty as well.  After a day in the dirt we all needed a little beer and pizza.

Ice cold beer.

Pizza on the grill.

Grilled pizza is AMAZING.

Especially with all our farm friends around.

Ellen and Hunter. My heroes from the marathon!

We made 4 different pizzas.  I will post the recipes tomorrow.  Off to spend some quality time with my bro.

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6 Responses to friday

  1. Carrie Link says:

    Adam and Taylor look like the two that are related!

  2. liz says:

    First your dad now your brother and he’s soooo cute. You lucky girl! i agree with Carrie after seeing the photos those boys do look related. They are i guess.

  3. Liz D says:

    I dont know….they look more like on the FBI most wanted list……

    • drealieberg says:

      Haha! I agree with you Liz D. I don’t like to think my brother and husband look alike, but FBI most wanted list makes me feel better!!! Let’s hope we don’t see them on the evening news. They have been off spending the day together. who knows what they are up to!

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