i got this…

Taylor surprised me with a heavy load today.

Don’t worry guys, these only weigh half as much as me.

They are deceivingly heavy.  But I managed to pull my weight.

Taylor had no problem.  Obviously!

We were laying these pallets down outside the greenhouse so we can begin to move greens from inside outside.  Rumor has it we are going to plant our first lettuce planting some time next week!  So exciting.  I already have a list of salad dressings I cannot wait to make, and the only greens I want to mix them with are Hutchins!!!

Look at all those pallets! My arms are sore.

Lucky for the lettuce, I will stop at nothing to make sure it grows. Heavy pallets, no big deal!

Naturally, 8 hours later we were thirsty.

Nothing like an ice cold beer to ease sore muscles.

All the heavy lifting (and beer drinking) made us hungry.

Thank god parsnips are in season.  They sounded tasty and easy. Dinner was quick, delicious, and mostly homegrown.

Oven roasted parsnips, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts, with rosemary and parmesan.  We enjoyed our veggies over couscous and spinach.

The perfect ending to a wonderful day of farm work.

Have a great evening.

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3 Responses to i got this…

  1. Ah beer…I’m pretty sure it’s medicinal!

  2. Meghan says:

    Andrea! Your polenta pizza is on the menu for tomorrow night. But I might add parsnips later this week, not going to lie, I never cook with them…
    Thanks for all of your recipes. Let me know if you and Taylor want to get together sometime for a beer.

    • drealieberg says:

      I hope the pizza turned out!!! ours was good but a fork and knife were necessary. If you haven’t tired parsnips yet you should make parsnip fries!!! they are healthy and delicious! i just posted a recipe for them tonight!
      We would love to grab a beer with you! Happy you are back in town. Lets chat soon!

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