confessions of an organic farmer

1. I drink a Starbucks soy latte every Saturday morning. No lectures please!

2. Bacon is my favorite meat.

3. I snack on raw kale because I actually like the bitter taste.  Weird I know.

4. I take Henry out every morning to go to the bathroom, but Taylor takes him out every night because I am scared of the dark.

5. I usually don’t wash my produce.

6. If I didn’t love the taste of veggies so much I think my diet would consist of wine and cheese only.

7. I don’t leave the house without my pocket knife

8. I find most of my joy digging around in the dirt.

9. If we weren’t living in Concord, MA we would love to live in Hood River, Oregon

10. I bought tofu for the first time yesterday and made this:

Tofu curry salad.

It wasn’t half bad.  Just missing a little bacon!

Recipe tomorrow.  Enjoy your evening.

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4 Responses to confessions of an organic farmer

  1. Carrie Link says:

    If you were perfect I’d have to hate you.

  2. Meghan McManama says:

    Making your sweet potato patties now! Love your recipes. Xoxo Meghan

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