Long underwear. Check.

Gloves and hand warmers. Check check.

Hello from breezy Massachusetts.

We went from warm and 70* to cool and 40* overnight!

I was a bit crabby.

However, work was pretty physical, so we warmed up quickly.

Unfortunately, the mulch we placed on the garlic earlier this Fall blew away, so we had to do some touch up work this afternoon.

Henry was there to help so that definitely made things run more smoothly!

It only took a few hours, but now our garlic is resting comfortably under some much-needed straw.

Dinner was easy.  Again!

Baked chicken breast, parsnip puree, a spinach salad, and a glass of wine.

Delicious and nutritious.

I almost forgot how much I love parsnips.  They are heavenly!  If you are not a fan of them I highly recommend roasting them and throwing them in a food processor with a little butter, garlic, and a splash of cream.  If that doesn’t convert you, I am at a loss!

Enjoy your evening!

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2 Responses to burrrr….

  1. Jean says:

    Hope you are growing some extra hard-necked garlic for me this year. It is so wonderful and this past year was a crummy one for garlic. Can’t wait to have the good stuff back. With all this warm weather will you risk planting earlier this year? Hope springs eternal……

    Love your parsnip idea. My mother loves them anyway and I am on the fence. So far I have parboiled them, sliced them thin and browned them up in butter or olive oil. Might even mix them with rutabaga or sweet potato puree.

    • drealieberg says:

      I have enjoyed a parsnip and rutabaga puree at a restaurant in Portland, OR. It was a great combo. Definitely worth trying if you are on the fence! We should have parsnips for sale soon!!!

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