I thought we were in the clear……

I was positive our days in the apple orchard were over.  I had practically blocked out the past 3 months of pruning. (If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I am not a fan of apple pruning.  It’s just not my thing!)  But just as I was feeling blissfully at home with the blueberries I got a rude awakening.

Taylor and I had the unfortunate task of removing all the applewood from underneath the trees we had pruned earlier this winter.

We should not have been surprised.  I mean heck, we cut it off, now it was time to remove it.

Taylor had a ball!  I however, was not feeling it.

But look at the big pile.  It will be great firewood and I am really happy that the task is over.

Back to the blueberries tomorrow thank god!!!

Dinner was simple.

A giant spinach salad with grilled Tempeh, diced apples, blue cheese crumbles, peanuts, and a simple homemade vinaigrette.

So good!

Have a great evening.

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One Response to applewood

  1. Karen Anne says:

    I have the dim idea apple wood smells good when burned.

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