Adios apple trees!

Hello blueberries!

We finished up pruning the apple orchard for the season! And we could not be happier.

We are now peacefully enjoying our days down in the blueberry orchard.

The blueberries are less daunting than the apple trees.  No ladders to climb, and each bush only takes about 10 minutes to prune.  Easy as pie!

It is a nice change of pace to say the least.

And to celebrate finishing the apples I made us a delicious meal.

Quinoa with Brussels Sprouts, Apples, Blue Cheese, and toasted walnuts. Yummy!

It was amazing and really easy.  I highly recommend making this soon.  I know it sounds weird putting apples in a savory dish, but all the flavors worked really well together.

Here is what I did:

Cook quinoa according to package directions;

Then I sautéed up an onion.  Threw in some brussels sprouts and cooked for about 10-12 minutes.  Until the brussels were slightly browned.

I then chopped up and apple.

Mix the quinoa with the brussels, onion and apple and place in a baking dish.  Sprinkle with blue cheese and crushed walnuts.  Place in the broiler for about 3-5 minutes.  Just until the cheese melts and the nuts toast.

Serve warm.

Or enjoy it cold for leftovers the next day.  Which is exactly what we did!

Hope you all try this!

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2 Responses to Hallelujah!!!

  1. Jean says:

    This sounds wonderful. I will try it with some red quinoa I have in the freezer. Sorry I cannot say the same for your leg as I know you were excited about the marathon. Like the Red Sox — maybe next year?

  2. charlotte says:

    Okay, I love this post for so many reasons:
    1) I have been having quinoa 1-2 times a day, so I actually don’t have to buy all the ingredients for this, and already know how to cook them!
    2) I have been roasting brussel sprouts, thanks to a post of yours a while ago, regularly. Obsessed.
    3) I have added apples to weird dishes 3 times this week (mostly just because the apples I had were too soft to eat by themselves, but still).

    All in all, I can literally make this TONIGHT. But I won’t because I’m doing a bar run that comes with free pasta dinner. And I wish you guys were here to do it with me. Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow instead!! And maybe there are similar bar runs in Beantown?!?!?!?!

    Oh, and 4) The first picture is stellar. Really something.

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