beautiful oregon

Good morning from beautiful Portland Oregon!

Where we are currently enjoying some almond butter toast on our favorite local bread. (Dave’s Killer Bread)

The skies are cloudy, and it looks as though it’s going to be a rainy afternoon, but that is not going to spoil our day!

Are spirits are high because of this little guy.

Blaise is the newest member of our family.

Look at that yawn!

Someone has captured our hearts!

We are off to soak up some more time with our little guy.  Have a great Monday everyone!


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4 Responses to beautiful oregon

  1. Carrie Link says:

    According to Rojo, “He’s so damn cute.”

  2. Jean says:

    What a handsome (and fashionable) nephew! Have fun with him.

  3. Leese says:

    He IS so damn cute,with a cool name to boot! Have fun on your visit.

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