a farmers dinner

Because it’s Wednesday. (Yay for hump day!)

And because I am feeling lucky to still be harvesting food off the farm I thought I would share a simple farm fresh dinner with you.

I can’t believe that it’s December and we are still eating leafy greens from right outside our front door! It’s crazy.

However, today Henry and I were on a mission. Not only were we in pursuit of leafy greens but we had something else on our minds.   Beets!  Yes, they are still out there.  And we went digging.  I was SO happy to find beautiful beets just waiting for my oven!

Okay, so they weren’t as beautiful as these beets.  This picture was taken earlier in the season, I forgot my camera on our walk.  But the beets Henry and I gathered were big just like these. However, the greens were not so healthy looking.

Not to worry though.  We didn’t need to use the beet greens since there is still plenty of kale thriving at the farm.

The meal below is just what the doctor ordered.  We feel strong and healthy thanks to fresh veggies in December!

Quinoa with roasted beets, kale, and goat cheese.


Here is what you need for two people:

5 roasted beets.  Quarted

1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa.  (I cooked ours in vegetable broth which added a nice flavor to the whole meal)

1 bunch of kale, torn into bit sized pieces (sautéed)

crumbled goat cheese (maybe a 1/4 of a cup)

toasted walnuts for garnish

olive oil for drizziling

salt and pepper to taste

Throw all of your cooked veggies and quinoa together in a bowl.  Garnish with goat cheese, olive oil, toasted walnuts, salt and pepper.

Easy and delicious!

Now we are sitting on the couch all looking like this:

Too much of a good thing.

Enjoy your evening!

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4 Responses to a farmers dinner

  1. liz says:

    We are fixing beet salad for the second night in a row because last night’s salad was so delicious we’re having it again by popular demand. It has oranges and red onion. The recipe can be found in the Barefoot Contessa’s Cookbook. Tonight we are opting to add pecans. This will be my go to beet salad for the holidays.

  2. Jean says:

    Henry always makes me smile. Great to see him looking so wonderful after the wringer you all went through.
    Thanks for a quinoa recipe — always welcome one of those for the protein kick and I still have some Hutchins beets. Finished my Hutchins carrots in tonight’s soup (beef-mushroom-barley-veg).

  3. Leslie says:

    Henry’s picture is priceless !

  4. Beth says:

    Good recipe
    Great photo of Mr Henry

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