We were supposed to prune apple trees today.  But……we got a little too excited about the fact that Southern New Hampshire got a few inches of snow last night.  So, at 5 am this morning, Taylor and I packed up Henry and the car and headed North.

Yes, it was a bit ridiculous. But hey, I married a skier.  If there was a few inches within driving distance we were there.

We hiked up a small section of a trail we have hiked in the past.  There wasn’t a ton of snow, but enough for a few turns.  It was worth the drive even if the skiing wasn’t great.

At least Henry was in Heaven.

Hey, we all played hookie and it was totally worth it!  The apple trees will be there tomorrow.  The snow however, I don’t think it will be there.

Now we are home and I am going to recreate this meal from when we were in Portland.  It was so good.  Definitely make this!

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3 Responses to hookie

  1. Beth says:

    Charming photo of your husband skiing with Henry in hot pursuit (& Henry’s snowy nose)!
    When you have time, could you post a little info about pruning the apple orchard?
    How often are the trees pruned?
    What exactly must be done? (you cut off excess branches, but educate us more about it)
    We know that farming is dangerous – is there much risk of tree-pruning injury?
    What do you love about tree-pruning? Anything about it that you dislike?
    Thanks! So glad to see Henry thriving

  2. Susan says:

    Happy Henry w/ snowy nose – so cute! And now I’m hungry for squash delight. Life is good!

  3. Mary J. says:

    I think your dog has stolen all our hearts!

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