sick as a dog

I never knew what the term “sick as a dog” actually meant until today.

Unfortunately, Henry is really sick.  We took him to the emergency vet after a day of not being able to walk around, no eating, and lots of shaking.  The poor guy has been miserable.  The vet can’t quite figure out what is wrong yet, but we are keeping a close eye on him until all his test results come back tomorrow.

And get this, the vet took an ex-ray of his stomach and found 4 pellet bullets in the picture!  We got Henry from a rescue shelter last Fall and knew he had come from an abusive situation.  But 4 pellet bullets in his stomach??? Come on. I was pissed. What is wrong with people?

To cope with a horrible day I made soup for the three of us.  Chicken broth and rice for Henry, and beet soup for Taylor and me.

This soup was really good and I will post the recipe tomorrow.

I have learned in the past year that cooking has brought me great joy and comfort for every emotion I experience.  I like to cook when I am happy, sad, angry, or just plain bored.  Being in my kitchen is my favorite place.  Especially with Henry and Taylor in the next room.

Have a great night and send good thoughts to Henry!


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18 Responses to sick as a dog

  1. Liza says:


    oh henry! sending him lots of love

  2. Jean says:

    We are all pulling for Henry. Hope he is better soon. Take care.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Henry, get better soon.

  4. Carrie Link says:

    Sending love to Henry! Ask lizzie to tell you how much she wants a dog after taking care of mine for a week!

    • drealieberg says:

      Like lizzie said, Flicka and Henry are related. If she loves your dog, she must love ours, deep down!
      So happy you and Stan had a vacation! Use lizzie all the time. She loved it! and when we are on the west coast sign us up. Can’t wait to see you over Turkey day. We are around for a while. XO

  5. HeidiK says:

    Oh no, poor Henry!! And poor you guys!! I can imagine how you guys must be feeling. Hang in there, and I hope you get some answers tomorrow!!

  6. Ceci says:

    Best wishes for Henry!! I hope he’s feeling himself again soon!

  7. Beth says:

    Best wishes for an accurate diagnosis, a quick & full recovery, and many happy, healthy years for Henry.

  8. Ellie says:

    Get better soon, Henry!!!

  9. Leese says:

    Oh Henry baby,get better soon! So many of us are thinking of you,and what horrible,unthinkable things you carry hidden in your past. And Andrea,yes, the kitchen is always the best place to unleash ones emotions,both the good and the bad.

  10. Korinda says:

    My friend here at work says that canned pumpkin is a natural laxative for dogs, and that she gave it to her English Mastiff and it helped get rid of what was in his stomach. Hoping Henry is better soon!

  11. Pat Reichert says:

    Andrea, soooo sorry to hear about Henry……will think good thoughts and prayers. Love to you all from your Montana aunt Patty.

    • drealieberg says:

      thanks aunt patty!
      he’s going through a tough time, but will hopefully be better soon. Thanks for sending your love! XOXO all three of us!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    While Henry had some shit owners in the past, I know he’s now in dog heaven having the two of you and a whole farm to spend his days. I wish more good people would rescue animals.

    I’m with you on using the kitchen as an outlet for pretty much everything. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. 🙂

    Feel better pup!

  13. oh poor Henry. Hopefully it’s just a freak thing and they can put him on some meds soon. It breaks my heart every time my pup is sick so I know how you feel! We need these little guys healthy! I’m sure he appreciates homemade soup though:)

  14. Karen Anne says:

    Poor Henry. Could he have eaten something toxic?

  15. Sue says:

    Get better soon, Henry. Lots of people love him…

  16. sundya says:

    sending lots of love to Henry!!! yes, canned pumpkin is good to give him. I hope they find out what’s wrong and make him better soon!!!

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