Apple cider please

We spent our day off enjoying gorgeous Fall weather and an afternoon in the apple orchard.

Picking apples on our day off can actually be really fun. Especially when apple cider is in the picture.

The farm has an apple press that gets a lot of love this time of year. There truly is nothing better than fresh apple cider from apples picked moments before being pressed!

The apple press turned out to be a huge workout. I think my arms were ready to fall off after the last batch!

But the cider turned out really well and was totally worth all the effort.

In case you were wondering, apple cider and whisky are great friends!

After all our apple picking and cider making were over we came home and made the best sandwiches ever.


Prosciutto, goat cheese and fig jam sammies

Two slices of bread – preferably from a baguette
Goat cheese
2 slices of prosciutto
1 tbs fig jam
Olive oil and salt to taste

Assemble you’re sandwich. Spreading cheese on one slice of bread and jam on the other. Place prosciutto and oil and salt on. Place in a 475 degree oven for about 3-5 minutes. Remove and layer on the arugula. Squeeze a little lemon juice for an added kick! Enjoy.

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8 Responses to Apple cider please

  1. a) I have never seen that press before- SO FREAKING COOL!
    b) I cannot wait to have fresh cider when I come home! I got some hot cider at a coffee shop the other day (it was 80 degrees out, but I needed something autumn-y), and it was fine. Just fine. Not great.
    c) I just realized that this has my posting as “aweekendwarrior” which is LAME and was not my intention, but I don’t want to bother logging out and logging back in. Also, it makes me question the name in general. Hmmm…. I need to do some reflecting.

  2. Ceci says:

    Yes please! I love getting my apple cider every Sunday at a farmers market across the street from my apartment. The BEST time of year for cider!

  3. Matthew Kunnari says:

    I would maybe venture to say Whiskey and Cider are best friends…. just throwing that out there. Making cider is pretty grand, eh? Did you have to fend off many bees?

    • drealieberg says:

      Ha! love it. We didn’t have problems with bees. I did get stung last week though. Bee venom is supposed to be very good for the immune system so I tried not to complain!!

  4. Ann MacDonald says:

    Dude!!! What a day, that looks awesome! Could you mail me some apple cider in Chicago? Your blog is freaking awesome – it brings the farm to a city girl. Hope you guys are doing well!!! I miss you!!! xoxo

    • drealieberg says:

      send us your address!! apples on the way! Thanks for checking out the blog! can’t wait for another reunion!! XOXO

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