a hot one

Some things never change………

After a hot day on the farm Taylor and I still enjoy a cold beer to unwind.  It is necessary.  Especially on a day when staking tomatoes is involved.  That, and 90 degree heat.

The only good news about staking tomatoes on a hot day is that things can’t get any worse.  Staking tomatoes is pretty much rock bottom in my book.  And I am glad I survived.  Plus I have these beauties to look forward too in a few short weeks.

Weather permitting of course!

Since today was extremely hot, I did not cook anything fancy up.  The best part about living at the farm is that we can literally walk out our door and harvest our entire meal.

Which is exactly what we did at lunch.  There is nothing better than a farm fresh salad on a hot humid day.

That, and hanging out with Henry of course.

Henry is LOVING our new home.  He is proving to be a great farm dog.  He loves harvesting carrots and chasing deer.  Two great qualities in a farm dog!

I wish I could share a great dinner recipe with you all tonight, but Taylor and I are actually going to do something we rarely do.  Go out for dinner!  We have a date night.  Things have been so crazy the last few weeks that we are treating ourselves to no dishes and champagne.  What more could one ask for?!

I hope wherever you all live the farmers markets are in full swing and you are able to enjoy some fresh produce.  Isn’t this time of year great!!!

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6 Responses to a hot one

  1. Karen Anne says:

    I’m not sure how you guys stake tomatoes. Maybe this isn’t cost effective for you, but I have metal cages that I out over them when they’re planted, so they need no further attention until picking.

  2. Karen Anne says:

    p.s. Henry looks hot!

  3. amy leclerc says:

    Drink some champers for me!!!! Was that a sausage next to your farm salad or bread? xo

  4. Beth says:

    Does Henry come along with you during the workday, now that you’re living on the farm?

  5. The pictures are fantastic – you and the hard-working Henry are doing a great job!

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