thank god!

It has been over a week without the internet and I feel as though a year has passed!  Thank you all for being patient while we transition into our new home and routine on the farm.

Ironically, I have loved being disconnected for a while.  But it feels good to be able to blog again.

I have no idea where to begin since so many changes have been happening, so I thought I would simply start with a tour of our new home.  It is small, but cozy and lovely nonetheless.

The wood stove will come in handy this winter!

Miniature stove and oven.

Food storage.  The Emerson house had a huge pantry, we have 3 shelves!

And check out where we get to sleep.

A really cool loft.

For as small as the space is it really is nice.  And the kitchen is proving to work just fine.  Thank you all for your great tips on cleaning as you go.  I have been doing my best.

The first thing I made was strawberry jam.  It turned out really well and breakfast has been looking like this recently.

Toast with strawberry jam, fresh blueberries, and coffee.  It is the best way to start a long day at the farm!

I have a lot of recipes to share and will start posting on a more regular basis again.  It feels good to be back!  We love living here and are really happy with the decision we made to move.

I will be back soon with recipes and farm updates.  We have been busy out in the fields!

Happy 4th everyone.


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16 Responses to thank god!

  1. Jean says:

    Good to have you back. Henry looks happy with his new digs, too. The fact that you are there probably has a lot to do with that. The jam looks great. I think I am going to do some, too. Much happiness in your new home.

  2. Pat Reichert says:

    So good to hear from you again, Andrea!!! I’ve missed your blog. I love the look of your place…so comfortable looking and homey (and remember, the smaller the easier to clean). And, I’m assuming you walk out the door to work…..perfect!!! Have a great 4th of July and I’m looking forward to reading about you, Taylor, Henry and the farm again. Love, your Montana Aunt, Patty.

    • drealieberg says:

      Patty!! I hope you had a great 4th. Taylor and I are enjoying our new home. The commute is easy and the view is priceless!!! Plus Henry is happier than ever!!! XXOO

  3. Beth says:

    Congratulations on your sweet new home.
    But one wonders: Does Henry crawl up to that sleeping loft to wake you up with his sweet wet nose in the mornings?

    • drealieberg says:

      Henry unfortunately can’t climb the stairs. So he has had to adjust to sleeping downstairs. It took about two nights of whining before he adjusted!!!! But he still greets us with a nice morning kiss when we are drinking our coffee!

  4. sundya says:

    yay!! you’re back, I’ve missed you! your new house is adorable–it looks so cozy! I hope you had a great 4th!

  5. Kristin says:

    Your place is so cozy! I just love it. And a wood-burning stove! That will be lovely in the fall and winter.

  6. Karen Anne says:

    Very cozy. You could fit a spice rack on the back of that door.

  7. Jill says:

    Any chance you guys can make pizza or at least pizza crusts on that woodburning stove?? All the best in your new place!

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