slow moving

Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack of posting.  Taylor and I are settling into our new home, but are not hooked up with the internet yet!! Our house is really old and it turns out getting internet is going to be quite a process.  Another week until we are up and running again!  I am currently blogging from a computer at the farm, but it is extremely slow!  So thank you again for being patient.  It feels weird to not blog on a daily basis.  But I assure you once we have internet I will be back to daily posts.  In the next week look for recipes with beans, peas, beets and more!  So many wonderful veggies are popping up all around.  Can’t wait to share some more recipes with you all.

Also, I will post some pictures of our new kitchen.  It is the smallest kitchen I have ever worked in.  I may need some tips from people who work in small spaces.  I have been making a mess!

Thanks again faithful readers!

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9 Responses to slow moving

  1. Chesna says:

    Our apartment in France is super small, about 250 sq feet, and only about 40 sq feet of that is our kitchen! I recommend cleaning as you go along and never letting the dishes pile up, cause soon you won’t have any space left to cook! We also don’t have any kitchen gadgets, no mixer, no microwave, no food processor, etc. And finally, about half our food is kept in the hallway. Mostly it works pretty well, except if more then one person wants to cook 🙂
    Good luck with the new place!

  2. Julie says:

    We too have a fairly small place, and I agree that cleaning as you go is super important! If you have room on top of your cabinets, keep appliances there. The only ones we have are a breadmaker and a food processor, and both of those live on top of the cabinets…or if you have room in a closet, put them in there!

  3. Beth says:

    Having had tiny kitchens for many years, I concur with Julie & Chesna. Keep it simple and clean as you go. Lots of appliances are usually not really necessary, tho it’s always good to have a nice supply of pots & pans. But hey, they can be stored in the oven! And if cabinet space is limited, one of those little rolling carts can work really well – plus it can also provide a (small) additional workspace. Good luck as you continue to get settled & organized.

  4. Diane says:

    Limit your tools. Too many gadgets and use-specific appliances can be a real problem. Keep your needs simple. While I like the storage possibility of the oven, how can you do those wonderful roasted veggies if the pots are in there?

  5. HeidiK says:

    I remember reading a while ago about how Mark Bittman of the NYTimes had a small kitchen, and about how people were surprised, especially because he’s a food writer… aha, found it (links below)!! Maybe something here will be useful… or maybe just knowing you’re not the only one will be of solace? 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Jean says:

    I have a small (one butt) kitchen, too. Suggest you weed out extraneous equipment and appliances that don’t multi-task. If you have not used it in the past few weeks, do you really need it? I also lined my broom closet with wire racks to provide “pantry” space. If you have high enough ceilings a pot rack may help, too. Good luck.

  7. Leslie says:

    Extra appliances can be kept in a laundry room or right outside the door in the garage if you have some sort of shelving, or even a garage. Be creative, keeping your counters clean to work on is the best idea. I always keep hot soapy water in the sink while cooking and clean as I go too. Makes life really easy and when you are done cooking, no big dishes/pots and pans to do. So that’s more time to relax in the evening, or to have that extra glass of wine with your husband. Glad you are getting settled in, and looking forward to your entries.

  8. korinda says:

    I would tell you the same as everyone else. I have a 700 sq ft condo and it has a fairly small galley kitchen – this was the sacrifice I made to live downtown! I have a special rolling cart filled with all my baking supplies that goes into my hall closet. My flours and sugars are stored in big containers on top of my fridge and on top of my cabinets. I have a step stool to get to these things that I would break an ankle without! I also store my food processor and mixer in my hall closet. I know it seems like common sense, but putting the least-used items in the hardest-to-get-to places seems to conserve space. Everything in my kitchen is pretty much packed and shoved in wherever I can get it!

  9. amy leclerc says:

    Now you can see why I rarely cooked in Chinatown and used my freezer to house my only standard ingredient, vodka. I’m sure you and Tay will do a better job in a small kitchen than I did.

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