it’s getting hot in here

With temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees we are leaving the farm to attend our first farmers market.  I am not sure if the market will be busy seeing as it is Memorial Day.  (If I had the day off I would head straight to the beach and work on evening out my farmers tan.)  However, since I don’t have the day off I will happily try to sell our beautiful produce.

Everyone driving on route. 2 today watch out.  I am back on the road in this beast.

See you all after dinner.

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2 Responses to it’s getting hot in here

  1. Erin says:

    If I had a day off today, I’d happily spend it browsing the stalls at a farmers’ market! Hope your day goes well and you sell loads of lovely produce…

  2. Karen Anne says:

    I hope there was a good turn out. The farmers’ market here Saturday was swamped.

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