If you found yourself trapped in an endless field of garlic with nothing but a hoe, 8 ounces left of your water supply, and 90 degree weather, you may consider this a nightmare, or a worst-case- scenario.  I refer to it as a typical day on the farm.  Yes, I am that hardcore!

(this picture was taken 10 minutes after the hardest day on the farm so far!)  Thank god for a nice cold beer.

The good news….The farm is currently filling up with beauties like this:


And corn!

Which was the best part of the day.  Only because if involved sitting on the back of the tractor.

Anytime we get to plant something from the comfort of a seat on the tractor it is always a good thing.

We transplant corn from the try is it currently growing in and drop it into a shoot on the back of the tractor and it plants it for us.

It sure beats bending over!  Which is what we do for 90 percent of the day.

Plus we had a handsome tractor driver.

Beautiful rows of corn.

And a thumbs up to an overall HARD days work in the fields.  Happy Friday everyone!

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5 Responses to seriously…

  1. Beth says:

    I thought I knew a little about farming – but am learning so much from your blog. Damn! Farming can be back-breaking work. You’re teaching me a new respect for the food we eat.

  2. liz says:

    We’re still very wet and cold in the Northwest. No roses for our annual Rose Festival. Strawberries will be late. Many people haven’t gotten around to much gardening yet. The farm looks great. Can’t wait to join you for a spell this summer.


  3. Ellie says:

    I love your blog! It makes me so happy when I read it. Thank you!

  4. Jean says:

    That hard stem garlic you grow is fabulous. Miss it so much in the winter. And corn is in — can’t wait. Slick way to plant! Can you plant other crops that way, too?

    A request if I may — would you introduce us to your farm colleagues in the pictures? I have seen them several times, and would like to know more about who my incredibly hard-working farmers are. Thanks.

    • drealieberg says:

      I will do my best to introduce you to the rest of the crew later this week! They are a great group of people, and your food is coming from wonderful hands!

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