sunday at the farm

This morning we sprung out of bed and headed to the farm.  We needed to get some greenhouse work done.  The plants don’t take Sundays off.

After a few hours at the farm we headed home for some breakfast.  Eggs and sauteed kale.  This breakfast made me feel like superwoman.  Delicious and nutritious.

Followed by a lovely afternoon with my in-laws.  I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful mothers day.

Henry sends his love.

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5 Responses to sunday at the farm

  1. Beth says:

    Henry is a noble soul

  2. Beth says:

    Sorry, I hit the send icon too fast!
    After complimenting Henry, I meant to say thanks for sharing this snapshot of a farmer’s Sunday morning. While some of us were dozing abed, you & your husband & thousands of farmers were up before dawn, caring for plants & animals & chores.
    Plants don’t take a day off, and plenty of farmers don’t either.
    Thank you for your hard work and loving care of the food supply we all depend upon.

  3. korinda says:

    This picture of Henry is so cute!!!

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks for describing your Sunday! The kale – did you just fry it with olive oil and garlic? Looks delicious!

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