dirty work

Over 1600 lettuce heads planted into the ground, 12 hundred strawberry plants planted, and an overall back- breaking day at the farm has ended!  And we are thirsty.

Nothing quite like the quench of a Harpoon I.P.A to heal the wounds from today.

One thing is for sure, I will never look at another strawberry the same again. Three long hours were spent with the strawberries, and they were not pleasant ones.

I planted strawberries for the first time at the farm last year, but I am pretty sure that I blocked out how traumatic the experience was.  It is back-breaking, uncomfortable, and time-consuming.  (oh wait, and sometimes a little bloody!!)

Anyway, I am sure the strawberries will be delicious next year when we finally get to eat them.  Until then, most of our time will be spent weeding the darn things.   At least we have last years strawberries to enjoy in a few months!

With all that being said, I have had a lot of emails and comments recently asking specific questions about our farm work.  This weekend I will do a post on Hutchins Farm and try to paint a clearer picture of what we are doing.  But one thing I will tell you first, I am a beginner.  All of this is new to me.  Until last year I had never even used a shovel.  I couldn’t tell you the difference between a leek and a scallion.  So be prepared, I am on a farm journey and learning as I go.

First time with a “real” shovel.  Documented last year at this same time.

I first started this blog to show my family what I was up to.  (I wanted my dad to be proud of the physical labor I was doing, and my mom to be proud of all the great meals I was learning to cook!)  And now I am lucky to have hundreds of viewers every day checking in on what we are up to.  I am so happy to have you all along for the ride, and I will do my best to answer all your questions.  But bear with me, sometimes I get home from work and don’t always have the energy to explain everything.  And heck, sometimes I don’t even know the answers!  But again, thank you to each and every one of you for reading along/cheering us on as we maneuver our way through the farm life!


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9 Responses to dirty work

  1. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for your creative, informative and charming blog – And thanks for responding so quickly to your faithful readers’ requests for insights into what it takes to keep a farm running. Just in the last 2 days, you’ve taught us a bit more about a farmer’s work. It will be cool to read your upcoming post on Hutchins Farm.
    We appreciate that you come home after a long workday to post the day’s news for your readers, while at the same time needing your own down-time, plus washing-up, cooking, eating, caring for Henry – oh yes, and cleaning the Emerson House! Thanks for all you do, and thanks for educating us on the important work of farming. Brava!

  2. Karen Anne says:

    I’m looking at what you’re wearing and what your friend is wearing in a post below, and I’m wondering, is that a waterproof coverall? I ask because my problem with gardening is all that bending over is tough on the back. Scooting along on my knees in a waterproof coverall might be just the thing. Oh, wait, the knees 🙂 Oh, well 🙂

    • drealieberg says:

      It is! Waterproof is necessary! However, your back will still hurt!!!! I can’t figure out a way to be on my knees without my back hurting. But give them a try. They help!

  3. Leslie says:

    You have not mentioned the historic home lately. Are you still the caretakers as well? Are you giving tours, or is it open to the public at this time? I just don’t know when you would have time for a home as well as the farm. I’m exhausted just reading your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading along. Thanks for the fun !

  4. Nick says:


    You are a rockstar. Any time u guys are looking for a vaca come plant some pineapples in Hawaii


  5. Sue says:

    This blog is an eye-opener to many of us! Thanks for writing despite being so tired.

  6. Liza says:

    you are a rockstar 🙂 and an adorable rockstar at that!

  7. Leese says:

    You really have a true following,and like so many others I’ve been stalking this blog since the N.Y.T. article. Checking in on your posts is a wonderful way to start the day! And, I might add, strive to provide a healthier menu for myself and my family! Take it easy in this crazy weather.

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