a long day

We are SO tired that this post will be on the shorter side.

Maybe it’s because of the weather……Cold rainy morning…….hot and humid afternoon??? Not sure.  But today was physically and emotionally draining.  However, we got a lot done!

Cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, endive, and escarole all got planted into the ground!

They have wonderful neighbors…lettuce from the other day.

We had better luck with the row marker.  I laid of the coffee and my partner and I walked in a pretty darn straight line.  (Of course, our straight lines are taken with a grain of salt!)

Isn’t that thing kind of scary looking?  It’s totally heavy and awkward.  But it does a good job of marking where we need to plant.

Today was a coffee day.  After lunch (and after we had planted everything into the ground) we needed coffee!! Dunkin Donuts was the only solution.  I know we are organic farmers, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  If we were going to make it through the afternoon we needed rocket fuel!

The good news is that dinner tonight was prepared by Taylor!  He was in the mood for some cheese and bacon and nothing was getting in the way of making this meal happen!

I am not quite sure how he did all this.  But he cooked the pasta and bacon first.  Then added 3 different cheesed and baked everything.  It turned out really well and was the perfect meal after a long hard day at the farm.  See you all tomorrow!

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3 Responses to a long day

  1. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for this posting and for the photos. We all need to appreciate what backbreaking work farmers do for us every day!

  2. Sue says:

    After planting, would you need to put a tent over the cabbage and kohlrabi and other veggies like you did with the lettuce? Or did you just put the tent because it was cold one particular night? Sorry if these seem stupid questions, just that I am removed from the farm life. I do have a small garden but I haven’t planted anything yet because I’m unsure of the weather. We’re planning on planting next weekend when we think the cold is gone for good (wishing rather).

  3. Rhody Gardener says:

    Early spring is hard on a farm. We’re not in the best farming chore shape, there’s lots that needs to be done Right Now (in the cold and wet), and all we see is months of hard work ahead. In a few more weeks, you’ll be stronger, the weather will be more reliable (Well, we hope so.), and the farmer’s market will be open so there will be crops to harvest and more people to see. You must miss your family after such a wonderful winter. That will get better, too. We need some sunshine!

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