a cure for the cold

Raincoat?  Check

Rain boots? Check

Hat? Check

Muddy as hell? CHECK!

Both yesterday and today we spent outside in the chilly weather.  Despite numb hands we were able to plant some lovely lettuce into the ground.

Please don’t judge the uneven row.  We are a little rusty.  The next bed of lettuce will be a straight line. (Actually, that never happens!! but we try!)

You see that crazy looking contraption?  That is called a row marker.  It is heavy, awkward, and takes two people to walk it down a bed.  Ideally, you and your partner walk in a straight line.  Obviously, I had a little too much coffee this morning and was all over the place.

But, despite the zigzag row of lettuce, I am hopeful.  I can almost taste my first farm fresh salad.  And if I remember correctly we grow lettuce the size of my head.

Yep.  The size of my head.

Anyway, since it’s still freezing outside, and farm fresh salads are still a ways out, I moved to the next best thing.  Soup.

Roasted garlic soup with a side of rosemary potatoes.  This soup will knock your socks off as well as warm your heart.  Recipe tomorrow.  This farmer is off to bed!

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6 Responses to a cure for the cold

  1. Jean says:

    There is hope. I have it on good authority that lettuce from a crooked row tastes even better!

  2. Sean Moulton says:

    I haven’t followed this nearly as much as I should, but this is sweet!! You’ve got some great recipes and pictures in there. Looking forward to trying some garlic soup… hint hint.

    • drealieberg says:

      Haha!!! I will gladly make this for you any day. It was really good. Bad breath alert! You and Ashley will have to eat it together.

  3. Sue says:

    You used purple potatoes! I have a hard time finding them here where I live!! I don’t suppose they are from Hutchins Farm?

    • drealieberg says:

      If I could I would send you purple potatoes from Hutchins! These, unfortunately, are from the grocery store. I am hoping to store more potatoes this coming year. Aren’t they pretty!

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