a very good thing

Our day started like this:

Back to the orchard.  I have bad memories of freezing temperatures in these orchards. But yesterday it was quite pleasant.

We finished up the last of the trees and moved right into the blueberry orchard.  The great thing about the blueberries is that no ladders are required.  Which means my nightmares of falling and breaking my neck can subside for a while!

Plus Henry came along to help. But then he got lazy a sat down to watch us do all the hard work.

But the best part of our day was eating this:

Caramelized onion pizza.  This puppy had olives and anchovies on it.  To die for.

I will post the recipe later today.  We are off to work.  And guess what, we are out of coffee which can only  mean one thing……our first trip to Dunkin Donuts!  Our very dirty guilty pleasure.

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6 Responses to a very good thing

  1. korinda says:

    I was really craving Dunkin the other day and thank god I don’t have one that’s close by! What a beautiful blueberry patch!

  2. kas says:

    The farming life seems to suit Henry perfectly. He’s a happy pup indeed!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day! very relaxing. 🙂 And that pizza sounds AWESOME! I loveee caramalized onions!

  4. Jean says:

    Henry’s no fool — he knows when he has a good thing going.
    That pizza looks delicious. I almost want to lick my screen….

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