Our day is looking a bit like this:

Henry is enjoying the last bit of snow as it continues to melt away.

And I have been enjoying some blue skies!  Bring on the spring.

If you need any dinner recipe ideas here is what we made last night.

Butternut squash ravioli with a brown butter and sage sauce.

The homemade dough was really good, but next time it needs to be thinner.  It was quite the workout getting it thin enough.  Here is where we got the recipe.  You may notice it’s for kids.  Enough said.  Baby steps.

The butternut squash sauce was really easy.  We steamed about 1 pound of butternut squash which had been peeled and cubed.  Steam it until you can pierce a fork in it easily. About 15 minutes.  Strain the squash and place it in the food processor with about 1/2 cup of goat cheese.  Press the button.  Puree until it is a consistency you like.

Then once your sauce is ready cut out your dough with a cookie cutter and place the sauce in the center of each piece.  Then top with another piece of dough.

Seal the edges with a fork.

Place in boiling water and cook for about fifteen minutes.

While the ravioli was cooking I got busy making the sauce.  Brown butter with sage and maple syrup.

7 tbs butter

2 tbs maple syrup

1/4 cup chopped fresh sage.

Melt the butter over medium high.  Add the syrup and sage.  Cook until the butter begins to brown.  Stirring frequently.  Serve over the ravioli and enjoy!



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8 Responses to recipe!

  1. Flare Elliot says:

    I was initially drawn to your blog by the NYT article that highlighted your work at the Emerson House & have enjoyed checking in on you from time to time (Congratulations on the marriage!! MANY happy years together!) You have not mentioned the Emerson House…are you returning???

  2. Chelsea says:

    I just made this tonight! Wow, the dough is sure a test in patience 🙂 I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen, so making this (and it was delicious!) has given me hope for my future – maybe I can cook after all…

    Love your blog – have been reading since the NYTimes article but this is my first post back at you. Keep up the good work!

  3. korinda says:

    Mmmmm – I was just thinking ravioli the other day! If you’re going to keep rolling dough, you should invest in a marble rolling pin. I got one from a friend when I embarked on pie crust and it makes a huge difference because the weight of it does all the work.

    • drealieberg says:

      I actually just got one as a gift!!! I will use it next time. We were cooking at my in-laws house so I didn’t bring mine. But thanks for the tip!

  4. Steph says:

    Andrea, this ravioli recipe looks delicious. Totally going to make it. Love seeing you back on the farm. Talk soon.

    • drealieberg says:

      Definitely make it! The butternut squash makes me think of the time we made it in Bend. Can’t wait to catch up soon. XO

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