a farewell dinner

A farmer in the dell held its first dinner party in Portland Friday night.  It was a farewell dinner since we are heading back east on Tuesday, but was also a thank you dinner for some of my Portland readers.  And get this, my brother and sister-in-law just happened to be in town, so it was also a family reunion of sorts.  Dinner was a blast and I was cooking for some great people.

I was cooking for 15 people and I thought the best approach was to do what I do best.  Pizza.  Lots of pizza.  Everyone loves pizza, and I have some great recipes up my sleeves.  So this was the plan.

First chop lots of onions.  A lot of my pizza recipes call for carmelized onions.  (Note the ski mask.  No tears!)

Then we got working on the appetizers.  Thanks to my sister we had some delicious crackers with ricotta, edamame, mint and sea salt.

Blanched asparagus with lemon juice and sea salt.

Fruit served up on the salt block.

My hummus recipe served with veggies and bread. And the famous bacon and blue cheese puff pastry slices.

A great appetizer spread.

Along with a great fire.

Once people started arriving.  We got busy with the pizzas.  My brother is really good with rolling out the dough so that was his job.  We were going to cook one pizza at a time on the green egg and serve them up in bite size pieces since we were cooking 8 different pizzas.  This ended up working out really well!  We sipped wine and enjoyed our pizzas slowly throughout the whole evening.

The first two pizzas:  Beetza and butternut squash with bacon and goat cheese.  Two of my all time favorite pizza recipes.  They were a hit.

No pizza is complete without an arugula salad.  Which we topped with lemon juice and sea salt.  Simply delicious.

The next two pizzas.  Sweet potato with rosemary and parmesan cheese.  And then Taylor’s famous bbq pizza.

The pro.

Olive oil, garlic, tomato, and basil.

The amazing big green egg.

My amazing sisters!

And an overall amazing night.  Thank you to everyone who joined the dinner.  It was so much fun.  Good food, great friends, and a lot of laughs.  Here is a list of our pizzas.  If you wish to have one of the recipes just let me know and I will post it.

1.  Beetza

2. Butternut squash with bacon and blue cheese

3. Sweet potato with rosemary and parm.

4. Bacon and blue cheese with apple

5. bbq chicken

6. Tomato basil

7. Sausage broccoli and mushroom

8. Pesto with veggies


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9 Responses to a farewell dinner

  1. Karen Anne says:

    Does that look good!

  2. well, you already know which pizza is my favorite:) This looks like a wonderful send-off for you guys – love the idea of having a pizza party. My next pizza of yours to try out is the butternut and bacon pizza. Sounds ridiculously yummy! And I love your ski mask for chopping onions. I have pink onion goggles and my husband has black ones – they look so sleek and work well:)


    • drealieberg says:

      those are awesome! love the pink ones as well.
      you should try the butternut pizza. you could even make it on puff pastry and it would be wonderful!

  3. amy leclerc says:

    it’s all fun and games til someone gets hurt! a fun nite unil approximately 10:35…

  4. Liz d says:

    Thanks for having us, such AMAZING food we left inspired…. Safe travels to you,Taylor and Henry. Look forward to watching for your upcoming summer berry ideas! Amy hope Andrea stocked your fridge before she left so you don’t have to cook!

  5. Jean says:

    Hate to say it snowed most of today (no accumulation except on grass & probably Hutchins fields) with more predicted Wednesday night through Thursday morning (1-2 inches). Yetch. Drive slowly (and safely) through the scenic routes and it should be gone by the time you get here.

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