snow day part 2

Today was “off” from the get-go.  I was supposed to go for my last long run before my marathon.  But since it was snowing like crazy outside I decided to stay in.  I had grand plans to knead bread all afternoon.  However, my upper body workout (aka, kneading the bread) did not happen because of a gift Taylor just bought me:

That’s right, I am now the proud owner of a “used” bread machine.  Taylor bought this puppy for 10 dollars at a thrift store.  So after lots of cleaning/disinfecting I threw all the ingredients for honey oat bread in the machine.  All I had to do was press a button and supposedly I will have fresh bread in four hours.

It looks like it working….I guess….The dough is definitely rising, but it just seems too easy.  Plus this thing looks like something out of the 80’s.  I’m not convinced yet.  Crossing my fingers it turns out.  But we will see.

Since baking bread just got easier, my afternoon opened right up.  The guys got back from the mountain around 2pm and were starving.  So we headed up to a local mexican restaurant for some lunch.

Chips, yes please.

Beans and salsa.  Check and check.

Corona, sure why not?  I can be one of the guys!

Chicken tacos, yum.

Being one of the guys can really exhaust a girl.  And I didn’t even ski today.  A nap at 4 pm was necessary.  At least Henry was on the same page!

And the snow continues to fall.  Not sure if I will ever get that run in.  This marathon training has been pretty slack.  Hoping I can at least cross the finish line.  We will see.


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4 Responses to snow day part 2

  1. amy leclerc says:

    okay, bread makers are sort 1982-but damn, they can really pop out some magic. When I was in college dad used to make me bread out of his bread machine and send loaves to school with me. He was of the “white bread” persuasion, who wasn’t in the 90’s?
    A few years back they gave the machine to Jolie, so she could make gluten free bread. WOW, gf bread was so darn good! She would get a bunch of Bob’s Red Mill mixes and fire that baby up. S

    So, there is hope with your new present….

  2. korinda says:

    I feel the same about bread makers as I do about food processors – I wouldn’t have half the time I have without them, but they certainly take the magic and zen out of kneading and hand chopping! That one of you and Henry is ADORABLE!

  3. Sue says:

    Congratulations on the bread maker….looks good to me. I would use something like that..

  4. liz says:

    The joke is that this was the second no school day for this area. The fist day being in November when people were actually raking the leaves in their yards. This one wasn’t much different. Being as many of your readers are from the Boston area that has been hammered with snow they are going to think we Oregonians are totally whimps. When it comes to snow we are I’m afraid. Hope the bread turned out for you.

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