a lovely vacation

Taylor and I said our last goodbyes to guests that were here for our wedding this weekend.  Once we bid farewell we decided to hit the road and head west. My sister and brother-in-law own a tiny little cabin in Manzanita (the cutest town on the Oregon coast!) We spent Saturday night relaxing by the fire, eating burgers, and playing board games.  When we woke up we were really anxious to get Henry to the beach.  He has never been so this was exciting.

Needless to say, he had so much fun running around and chasing waves.

Once we got home we were anxious to have our last dinner with my parents before heading to Hood River, Oregon on Tuesday.  We can’t wait, but I must admit that I will really miss my Mom’s cooking while we are away.  We have been extremely spoiled while staying here!

Last nights menu was a rib roast for the main course, with a side of roasted carrots, caramelized shallots and walnuts, and sauteed swiss chard.  The best side dishes we have had in a while.

My Dad was in charge of the meat, which he of course cooked up on the Big Green Egg. While he was cooking up the meat, we got busy with the side dishes.

yummy swiss chard.  I haven’t had chard since farm season.  This was a nice reminder of summer.

Those shallots were to die for!  I am telling you, make this side dish tonight.  So good.

And of course the beautiful rib roast.  The Green Egg cooked this puppy to perfection.

My beautiful family.

My beautiful meal.

The meal was easy.  The carrots we roasted with olive oil in the oven and 2 minutes before they were done, we took them out and drizzled some balsamic vinegar on them.  Popped them back in the oven for 2 more minutes.  They where tender, sweet, and delicious.   The chard was equally as easy, sautéed up some garlic in butter and added the chard.  Cooked on medium low until the chard had all wilted down.  And last but not least here is the recipe for the caramelilzed shallots and walnuts (we used hazelnuts instead) This was my favorite.  Extremely flavorful and simple.  Enjoy!  I think baking is in my near future.  I can’t believe I am turning into a baker. yikes!

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5 Responses to a lovely vacation

  1. Leslie says:

    Henry is so happy with you both ! He found the perfect family !

  2. Sue says:

    Your camera might be playing tricks, or else, the roast is that red in color, I can’t make out which..:)

    But it is so red that it looks like something out of a tandoor (Indian clay oven), with food coloring added – like tandoori chicken.

    In any case, it looks yummy! As are the shallots.

    • drealieberg says:

      haha. The meat really was red, but I think the camera may have added a richer color. It was just as tasty as it was pretty!

  3. Sue says:

    It’s ok for the camera to play tricks, btw. It all looks great and nourishing!! I am not telling you to buy a new camera!!

  4. Carrie Link says:

    You really do have a beautiful family!

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