i do love cookies

I am really getting into this whole baking thing.  Since fruits and veggies are all pretty much out of season I have turned to sugar.  And so far it has treated me well.  Today has been pretty productive.  My first batch of cookies were with the help of a two-year old and her grandmother.  I actually didn’t do much.  But Chloe and her grandma really took control and made some amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

The trick to these cookies was substituting one cup of butter with one cup of vegetable oil.  You still use one cup of butter, but with the added oil they turned out really moist.  I can’t take credit for these cookies though.  They were in the hands of other people.

So when I came home from my babysitting gig (I feel like a high schooler all over again) I got to baking my own cookies.  I found a recipe for white chocolate and cranberry cookies.  They sounded delicious.  Plus with a secret ingredient (brandy) I knew they would be a hit.

Armed with a wooden spoon I got to mixing.  I mixed, I beat, I creamed.  Baking is a workout.  Which makes me happy since I have a bad habit of eating all the dough.

yes, that spoon was licked clean

and guess what….

I cracked my egg into a bowl first. Some of you will be proud.  Whats one extra dish? Plus I only had a little egg-shell to pick out.  Not bad!

Then I got to measuring.  Can we all admire these cute measuring spoons.  I felt the love.

Then it was time to get out the big guns.

This added the perfect kick.

I popped everything into a 375 degree oven and crossed my fingers.  I peeked in once to see what was happening.  The cookies looked a little strange.  They almost looked like scones.  I closed the door and waited until the timer went off.  I nervously let the cookies cool while I paced around waiting to do a taste test.  I mean the 5 pounds of dough I ate where good.  How bad could these be?

They were actually not bad.  But they don’t taste like a normal cookie.  Like a said, they almost seemed more like a scone than a cookie.  But the flavor is great.  Had I checked my comments earlier I would have tackled some of the awesome recipes you all passed along.  I think I will be baking again tomorrow so I will try yours then.  If you feel like attempting scone-like cookies here is the recipe. Happy baking!

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4 Responses to i do love cookies

  1. HeidiK says:

    Well I don’t know, but those cookie-scone concoctions definitely look pretty tasty!! You’re incredible, you know that?! You get more done in one day than I do in a week, I swear. Here you are running around babysitting and baking — and you probably even went running too I bet!! — with a wedding imminent and all! Well hopefully everything is pretty much ready at this point (?), but still… I’m so impressed, honestly!! Also, I hope you have a wonderful time with all your friends and family — best wishes for your wedding and the accompanying celebration from this blog reader in Chicago! 🙂

  2. HeidiK says:

    P.S. Those are the cutest measuring spoons ever!

  3. Ceci says:

    This is great! I love baking cookies with kids, it’s so much fun! This weekend I made your FABULOUS pumpkin cookies – sprinkled sugar in the raw on top before baking – yum! Also made Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins – AWSOME!

    So is the wedding this weekend? You’re having so much fun baking – don’t forget to get married!! Best Wishes!

  4. korinda says:

    I love love LOVE those measuring spoons! I use Martha Stewart’s metal spice spoons because they were the only ones I could find with all the sizes I wanted! How excited that you are getting the hang of baking…and how very Massachusetts of you to throw in those cranberries!

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