dinner party

One of my best friends and her husband just bought a house recently and invited us over for dinner so we could check it out.  The house is so warm and cozy we had a hard time leaving! Especially since we were in food coma and engaged in a ridiculous tv program.  But let me back this up to the actual dinner.  Shannon is an amazing cook and baker.  I am extremely jealous of all her kitchen toys.  (Taylor and I didn’t register, and now I am regretting it!!!!)  Anyway, the menu was simple, delicious, and hit the spot.  It was cold outside and nothing warms me up quite like mashed potatoes and lemon, zucchini, and ricotta galettes.  (Don’t worry the recipe for the galettes will follow.  You should all make these soon.  Really good!)  When we arrived at the Geddes-Keene household we were greeted with this:

Isn’t Shannon so cute?  She makes cooking look so easy and fun.

The smells in the kitchen were wonderful.  Between the mashed potatoes and the lemon zucchini galletes we were all pretty anxious to dive in.

I contributed the salad.  It was really simple with a homemade vinaigrette.  A nice balance to the whole meal.

We ended the evening watching a totally ridiculous show.  Bridezillas……Since we are getting married in less than two weeks Shannon and Tim wanted to make sure I was acting like these ridiculous brides.  And for the record, I am not.

I hope Henry isn’t jealous, I made a new friend.

Anyway, thanks again Shannon and Tim.  We had a great evening with you guys.  Can’t wait to see you at our wedding!

Here is the recipe for the lemon, zucchini, and ricotta galettes: They were yummy!


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4 Responses to dinner party

  1. Leslie says:

    You don’t need much in a kitchen as far as gadgets. But the French Baking Flexible Sheet your friend used is the one thing I would get if you are looking for something that makes kitchen clean up easy. I got one this past year and it is wonderful. I use it for cookies to fish. It is non-stick and cookies slide off perfectly when sheet is on top of a cookie sheet. Fish doesn’t stick to the pan. I have also done a pork tenderloin and a meatloaf. I just put the flexible sheet in a pan with sides and it works great. I wish I had mine since the first day I was married. The only rule is you can not use a knife on it and cut anything while it is on the sheet. So just slide anything off onto a serving plate and cut away !

  2. Shannon Geddes-Keene says:

    Andrea last night was such a blast! I can not wait for your wedding! It will be our highlight of the year I’m sure!

    • drealieberg says:

      YaY. We had so much fun last night too. Can’t wait for the wedding, roller derby, and just being close to you guys!


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