pizza recipes

Before I get to last night’s pizza recipes, I first wanted to introduce you all to a new favorite lunch spot in Portland.  After a day running around doing wedding preparations we found ourselves famished and in need of some substance.  We had also completed a tough and hilly 7 mile run earlier in the day so we needed a good meal.  And when we stumbled upon this cute sandwich board our noses led us right through the front doors.

little big burger has the feel of an old-time diner with a mix of hipster chic.  You order your food at the register and then sit right up at the counter.  The menu is small.  What you see on the sandwich board is what you get.  I love when you don’t have many choices because it makes ordering a lot easier.

I ordered the swiss cheese burger with a side of truffle fries.  To die for!  The burgers were the perfect size.  Really small, but very hearty.  We loved little big burger, and if you are ever in the area this is a great place to grab lunch.

Alright, onto last night’s pizzas.  By the way you can cook these in a regular oven, you don’t need a green egg.

My pizza was a the same butternut squash and broccoli pizza from here but I added some toasted hazelnuts before throwing it on the big green egg.  The hazelnuts were a great addition!

Taylor got fancy and cooked up some ground beef and bacon.  Then he sautéed up an onion in maple syrup.  (maple syrup is great when used this way!)  He spread on bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion, ground beef, bacon pieces, and then topped everything off with blue cheese crumbles.  It was awesome.  Rich, but good!

With a side of organic greens to balance it all out!  Enjoy your weekend. I will see you all tomorrow.  Vacation is treating us well!   The farm season feels like a lifetime ago.  Although I still have a few war wounds that still need healing.  They will probably go away a week before we are due back at the Farm!  Such is life.

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One Response to pizza recipes

  1. Shannon Geddes-Keene says:

    I love little big burger! Truffle fries are amazing and it’s right by my gallery!

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