the big green egg part 5?

In the last year my family has cooked many meals on the big green egg.  It is a huge event at our house when the green egg is up and running.  We all gather around and watch in awe as our dinner slow cooks on this odd-looking contraption.  So last night when my dad throughout the idea of Taylor and me cooking our famous pizzas on the green egg we jumped at the opportunity.  Being the competitive couple that we are, we decided to have another pizza challenge. I was in desperate need of a comeback since my pizza flopped at our last challenge.

This would be me hesitantly giving Taylor’s pizza the thumbs up at our last challenge.  His was better than mine though.

Last night I decided to play it safe and stuck with what I knew.  And I know my butternut squash better than I know my social security number.  It never lets me down.  I was sure I was going to hit a home run with this pizza.  Taylor must have felt the pressure too, because he stuck with what he knows best as well.  Meat, bacon, and cheese.  A mans pizza.

While Taylor was perfecting his pizza toss, I was busy blending my butternut with sage and parmesan cheese.

That’s a lot of meat…..Taylor had a plan though.

After, slicing, dicing, sauteing and kneading, these puppies were ready for the green egg.

Since Taylor stole my secret ingredient of bacon, I pulled out another card and threw some toasted hazelnuts onto my pizza.

When the pizzas were ready to eat we all gathered at the table and dove in.  The results……My mom liked Taylor’s pizza better, my Dad liked mine better, I liked Taylor’s better, and Taylor liked mine better.  Hummmm, a tie?  I hate ties!  There is always next time!

I am not sure why I always seem to be wearing this flower hat when I make pizza?  weird.  Anyway, we are off to do some wedding stuff.  But I will post our pizza recipes later today.  Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to the big green egg part 5?

  1. Carrie says:

    Classic lizzy that she liked Taylor’s better!

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