busy busy

We packed a lot into one day.  With wedding planning in full force Taylor and I were both able to engage in some of our favorite activities.

Taylor woke up bright and early to head to the mountain to ski.  He got quite the workout because he is currently lying in bed reading his new farming book.

While he was up at the mountain I was able to get in my first run since being on the road.  It felt terrible!  I haven’t run in a week and I think all the time spent in the car had my legs feeling heavy and fatigued.  Only two more months until the Napa Marathon. I need to get my butt into gear!  However, despite my bad run, the highlight of my day was spending time with my brother.  He has been in town from Montana and we have had a lot of fun catching up.

Me and my two favorite guys!  After an evening spent doing some wedding planning, we were too busy to cook dinner.  So leftovers it was.  We had chicken leftover from last night, with a side dish of fennel gratin and lentil soup.  So good!

I have a fun new assignment that I will let you all in on tomorrow.  It involves two of my favorite things.  Senior citizens and food.  Have a great night.



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One Response to busy busy

  1. mary ann says:

    I am glad that you made it to Oregon safely, and that you’re having such a nice time with your family. When is the wedding date? Will you post pics? Also, I am curious about what foods you are serving at your reception. I am sure that it will be lovely, all the way around. I enjoy your blog, and I’m happy for you.

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