food for the soul

My favorite thing about being back in Oregon? Cooking with my mom.  We had a blast cooking up a storm in my childhood kitchen.  The evening was filled with laughs, wine, and good old fashion elbow grease (we made risotto) The delicious smells from tonight’s meal are still lingering in the kitchen where I write this post.

Since I am a beginner cook I have trouble timing the cooking time for multiple dishes.  It is a huge challenge.  When you are cooking a pasta dish with a meat dish, it’s hard to map out when everything will be ready to serve.  The solution…..cook with someone else.  That way you can divide your dishes and each work on one thing.  Then everything is done around the same time.

While I was busy tackling a caramelized carrot risotto my mom was busy roasting a garlic lemon chicken.  The results where nothing short of amazing, and I am so proud of making my first risotto dish ever.  This meal is worth the time and upper arm workout.  My arms were burning like crazy while I stirred my risotto for 20 minutes.  However, hard work makes it taste that much better!  Trust me, this is a dish worth making.  And you can feel good about going back for seconds because you burned a lot of calories making it.


I told you it was good!

I am so pooped right now that I am going to post the recipe for tonight’s dinner tomorrow morning.  I am still getting used to the time change and am extremely tired.  So bear with me.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on track.  And tomorrow after I post this recipe you should probably host dinner party and impress all of your friends!

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13 Responses to food for the soul

  1. sundya says:

    yay!! looks like you had a wonderful night cooking with your mom!! the caramelized carrot risotto sounds amazing!! I am looking forward to the recipe so I can make it this weekend. I’ve been cooking for a while and I still find it tricky to make several different dishes at the same time 🙂

    • drealieberg says:

      I am glad I’m not alone with figuring out the timing of different dishes! It can be frustrating sometimes. It totally helps having another set of hands in the kitchen though.
      You should definitely make this. It was worth the time in front to the stove. I wish we had left overs for today but we ate it all last night!

  2. Jean Husson says:

    Glad you three are safe and sound in Oregon. Hope Henry is getting the idea that you are here to stay in his life. It’s great that you found a way to keep him out of a kennel.

    I’ve been cooking a long time and still have to think twice about timing multiple dishes. It helps if you only have one dish that needs split second timing with the others being more forgiving. But that’s not always possible.

    Keep up the great blog. My network was out of order for a few days and I kept wondering about how things were working out for you. Glad to get caught up. Happy New Year.

    • drealieberg says:

      Thanks for continuing to read along Jean. We are all happy and enjoying our time in Oregon. Henry is settling in pretty well. This was a big trip for him. He hasn’t left our side since we arrived.

      If you still have carrots from Hutchins you should try making this risotto. It was really good!

  3. Karen Anne says:

    How many miles a day did you folks manage? I’m thinking of visiting friends in California, but the more I read about the new airport security checks, the more I think I’ll never fly again 🙂

    • drealieberg says:

      I am with you about flying. I hate it!
      We logged anywhere between 600 and 800 miles a day. The fun part about road tripping is that you can pull over and stay in a cute town that you never even knew existed. Where do you live?

  4. korinda says:

    This looks delicious – can’t wait for the recipe! Glad to hear that all three of you are safe and sound in Oregon!

    • drealieberg says:

      Thanks! We are happy to be here. The recipe is up! I am currently thinking about what to make tonight for dinner. Any suggestions??

  5. Sue says:

    Yes, I can’t wait for the recipe either. How is Henry? Glad you three made it in just 5 days across the country!!

  6. Leslie says:

    Your Mom and you look great together. I know you both are having a wonderful time. Have fun and enjoy ! Times like these are so precious in life and make great memories ! I am like you, I can not get everything done for a meal in the same time. But my downfall is if we have rolls. To early, to late, or completely over done. And even sometimes I completely forget to get them out of the fridge. Ha ! So you are in good company !

    • drealieberg says:

      I love being around my mom! We have so much fun together. She is a great cook and I am learning so much from her. I am glad that other people have trouble timing all their dishes. It’s really tricky!!!! I bet your rolls are awesome. Do you have a good recipe?

  7. Carrie says:

    Cute picture of you and lizzy!

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