a farmer on the run!

Today, I officially signed myself up for the Napa Valley Marathon.  After a summer of putting my body through the most physically challenging thing ever (farming) I feel like a nice relaxing marathon is in order.  Okay, relaxing might be pushing it, but more natural for me than farm work.  And Napa Valley?  Of course running a marathon in wine country makes sense.  I love running and I love wine.  Why not combine the two?

This marathon will be different for me because it will be the first marathon that I will run alone.  2 years ago I ran my first marathon with my dad.  To this day it is one of the best experiences I have ever had.  By the way, my dad was 61 and I was 25.  I had to keep up with him!  And last year I ran my second marathon with my dad and sister.  Both experiences are wonderful to share together, but this March I plan on tackling 26.2 all by myself.

And I will be fueling up for the big day with plenty of wine and good food.  Training starts today!

Now I am off to go prune apple tress in 15 degree weather.  I count this as part of my training as well.  Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to a farmer on the run!

  1. Sue says:

    Good luck with the marathon! 26 miles! Wow!

  2. catherineinny says:

    Napa was my dad’s first marathon, and his qualifier for Boston! I can’t believe that was 20 years ago… Hopefully he’ll join me for my first marathon. He has quite an edge over me, though: He’s a track/x-country coach, and I’m not a runner (yet!).

    Good luck!

    • drealieberg says:

      Awesome!!!! What a great story! did he qualify on his first marathon? My goal is to qualify at this race. I was supposed to run Napa last year and had to defer my entry because of an injury. I can’t wait to get there and finally run it! You should train and do it with your dad. Honestly, running a marathon with my dad goes down as the best thing I have ever done with him. Priceless! Train for a 5k this winter and the rest is history. That will turn you into a runner!!!

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