high near 27?

You’ve got to be kidding me! I just got back from a 3 mile run with Henry and it is COLD out there.  I mean really cold.  I had gloves on but that didn’t stop my fingers from freezing.  The thought of pruning apple trees sounds horrible and I am not afraid to complain.  Days like today make me wish I worked inside.  They say the high will be 27 degrees.  Terrific.

On a lighter note, last night Taylor’s Godmother Linda took us out to dinner.  Since we have been eating out so much recently I was still in the mood for some leftover butternut squash soup.   However, last nights meal was worth going out for.  We went to this cute little restaurant in Belmont center called Il Casale.  The food was wonderful.

We ordered the chicken liver pate to start, along with pork meatballs and a cauliflower salad.  My main course was an arugula salad with grilled figs and prosciutto along with a delicious cheese platter.

I enjoyed my meal with a glass of chardonnay.  And then a quick stop to the candy store for some chocolate afterward.  The perfect evening.

Now I am sitting here, drinking hot tea, wearing a winter hat contemplating dropping a resume off somewhere/anywhere inside. I think I am ready for farm season to be over.  Now you know why produce can be so expensive.  Extreme conditions everyone! These apples better be good next year!

Happy Thursday.


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