reunited and it feels so good

We promise to not leave you for a long time now!!! Two weekends in a row leaving Henry is a bit much.  Thanks to Grandparents (aka Taylor’s dad) he has a wonderful place to stay when we go away.

What do you all do with your dogs when you go away? Has anyone put their dog in a kennel? If so, how was that experience?

This morning I was going to head to the Farm to prune apple trees but decided this was going to be the day I organized my life a bit. ( I also secretly wasn’t ready for the major upper body workout that pruning apple trees involves.  Or the 20 degree weather outside.)  Anyway, I don’t normally take the time to organize my life or write lists of my goals.  But today I am hunkering down to do just that.  And since this is an important day I wanted to start off on the right foot.  And that foot led me straight through the doors of Starbucks. I thought a peppermint mocha would help get the blood flowing.

Once the blood was flowing I stared thinking about our food choices this winter (and how I should avoid Starbucks at all cost) We are running low on our veggies from the farm and pretty soon will have to buy everything somewhere else.  Since we have been spoiled with low grocery bills this is going to be difficult.  Not only on the wallet but finding affordable local food during the winter months.  I am not perfect but will do my best to buy as locally as possible.  However, I know there will be times when that’s not doable or I am blinded by the bright red holiday cups of my favorite coffee chain.

Anyway, off to start that list.  I feel organized already.  Just holding a pen and paper helps.  Even if the paper is still blank!

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9 Responses to reunited and it feels so good

  1. Sue says:

    What is ‘tamari’. You mentioned that in your recipe for ‘Gypsy Soup’. Did you mean tamarind?


  2. Carrie says:

    But you caffed up and wrote a post so you’re good.

  3. Jean Husson says:

    Henry is one happy looking dog. He’s almost smiling! Used some of my Hutchins carrots and potatoes from cold storage tonight with a roast capon from Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds. Both were wonderful. Please keep us informed about places to buy locally over the winter when you find them. It’s tough in the cold climates.

    • drealieberg says:

      I am keeping my eyes open for local produce. I am heading out to Oregon so the scene out there may be different. However, around here I would check places like Verrill Farm. They may keep some things local over the winter but I am not sure.

      Henry is doing great! It has been so fun watching him change. He is happier and healthier than he has ever been!

  4. Karen Anne says:

    Henry is looking so good!

    Is there a winter’s farmers market around where you are? There are a couple that have started in the last 1-2 years here in Southern RI. Eggs, root vegetables.

    My project for hopefully next year is to learn to can and dry my garden stuff, and figure out where to make a root closet in a house with no basement 🙂

    • drealieberg says:

      Learning to can is on my list! I am kicking myself that I didn’t can anything this year. That is the true way to eat farm fresh all year! Lesson learned. We can learn to can together! I have no idea what I am doing so it will be interesting!

      I am not sure about a winter farmers market around here. I will look into it. I think this winter we will be eating a lot of rice and beans. grrr

  5. Leslie says:

    We have boarded our dogs in the same kennel many times. It has big runs, walks, play times etc. They say it is like the dogs go to camp. I say they are going to the spa, because before they come home they get a bath and have their nails cut. And they smell so good. Our two labs like it so much that they run in with their tails wagging and when we pick them up they run out with their tails wagging. I would suggest trying it for an over night or a weekend before you use it for a week. My labs do sleep really well the day they get home, because they love being with the other dogs, playing, barking, staying up to late like at a sleep over. Ha ! Anyway we have not had any trouble at all. You can probably get some great suggestions of good kennels from your neighbors or your vet.

    • drealieberg says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience boarding your dogs. I think we will eventually look into doing this in the future. It sounds like camp and I think Henry would love that!

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