and the fun continues

We have really enjoyed our stay in Florida.  The weather has been perfect and the food has been even better.  One of the fun things about vacation is no dishes! We have eaten out for every meal.  I miss cooking, but it is nice not having to deal with dishes.

Last night I ordered fried green tomatoes and a warm duck salad with endive and blue cheese.  The salad was awesome, the fried green tomatoes….didn’t hold a candle to the ones I made a few months ago.  That is the thing about dining out.  I like ordering things  I  usually don’t cook at home.  If I can make it at home, I think it usually tastes better than restaurant food.

We are off to go celebrate Taylor’s grandmother’s birthday.  I will see you all from Massachusetts tomorrow.  I am excited to cook in my own kitchen tomorrow night.

Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to and the fun continues

  1. Carrie says:

    That dessert DOES look to die for!

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