one last trip

Taylor and I finally made it to the Central Square farmers market.  We had a lot of fun despite the fact we thought our days of farmers markets were over. This was one last hoorah!  Plus it was really fun working the market together.  And by fun, I mean Taylor is good at lifting the heavy stuff and navigating the van all over Boston!

We still have plenty of scallions and carrots at the farm.

Taylor enjoying a delicious snack.

The market was pretty slow today, but the customers were awesome.  Honestly, the customers make or break a good market.  I love chatting with people about different recipes and what they are planning on cooking.  It helps keep me inspired!

One of the highlights of this market was trying some fresh pasta from Valicenti Organico.  Their pasta is really good and they use local organic ingredients.  I was going to tackle homemade ravioli this week, but I cheated today and bought some of theirs.  When I saw roasted pumpkin and brie ravioli I had to wipe the drool off my face.  This was definitely going to be dinner!   Sometimes a semi-homemade meal is the best.  I contributed the sauce.

This was really good.  I completed the meal with a brown butter sage sauce.  Here is what you will need:

*one stick of butter

*handful of sage leaves

*couple of dashes of cinnamon

*maple syrup (maybe 1-2 tbs)

*salt and pepper to taste

Melt you butter over medium heat.  Add all the ingredients and cook on low for a couple of minutes.  Pour your sauce over the ravioli.  Divine!

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4 Responses to one last trip

  1. Karen Anne says:

    Does that ravioli look good!

  2. amy leclerc says:

    What’s better than fresh ravioli, really?

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