we love our pizza

Please disregard all the old posts about the heat.  I am suffering…..suffering cold fingers, toes, and the tip of my nose feels like it is going to fall of at any moment.  The farm has been freezing!  Please understand, I dress for the occasion. I am layered head to toe in long underwear, flannel, and gloves.  However, since I seem to have poor circulation, the cold weather is really doing a number on me.  The good news is, I am still here pushing through.  To be honest, I am so proud of myself for sticking out the farm season.  This has been the hardest job of my life.  Nothing about farming is comfortable.  I have learned to love the simple things in life.  For example:  comfortable temperatures, standing upright, not having dirt on every inch of my body,  clothes that don’t weigh ten pounds, and boots that don’t weigh 5 pounds.  These are just a few examples of my daily grind.  But I am so happy that I am farming.  It has its perks, but when the conditions outside are unbearable, it is hard to remember why I am doing all of this….

Oh yeah, food.  Food keeps us alive.  Yes, that is why I am doing this.  But it does not mean it’s easy!

And in celebration of all our hard work Taylor made a pizza!  I think we have an addiction.  We love pizza when the weather is warm, cold, or rainy.  It does not matter, pizza always hits the spot.  And since we are farmers and break a sweat at work every day, pizza is definitely something we reward ourselves with.  So tonight we rewarded ourselves.  After our awesome beet pizza the other night, we decided something more traditional would hit the spot.  And Taylor is the perfect cook when it comes to traditional pizza.  Tonight he made a sausage, pepper, and onion pizza.  It was SO good and really hit the spot.

There was bbq sauce involved!

We enjoyed our pizza with a glass of wine.  The perfect way to end a freezing cold day on the farm.

It was so cold even Henry needed a blanket!

Have a great night


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2 Responses to we love our pizza

  1. Karen Anne says:

    I think there are some kind of heat pack things that might help. Maybe they’re heated in the microwave or something. (I’ve been following the journal and webcam for Operation Migration, the project to reintroduce whooping cranes, where they lead the first year cranes on a migration to imprint them with the route. They fly in ultralights that lead the cranes. So the guys are up there at 6 am or so in exposed ultralights and bundled up like snowmen, and I think they’ve mentioned having heat packs, presumably in their clothes or boots.)

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