Happy November!

Wow, sorry I have been away for the past few days.  Life got a little crazy over the weekend, but things are back to normal and I am excited for November. Can you believe it’s the 1st already? I feel like November is going to be a good month for me.  Farm work will be less demanding, cooking will be fun because I love root vegetables (and that’s all we have left),  and the Emerson house is closed for the season which means work around here will be less demanding as well!  All good things in my book.

At least Henry is happy for me!

I am currently flipping through some cookbooks trying to figure out what to cook tonight.  Something hearty, warm, and farm fresh.  That’s what I am going for.  I am actually taking off for a run in a minute and I am going to run to the farm to see if I can get any inspiration for dinner.

Maybe something with carrots?  We have a lot of carrots left.  I will let you know what I come up with.

But before I head out the door I need to congratulate my dear friend Tamsen for finishing her first marathon yesterday.  You remember Brian and Tamsen……. Brian ran a 50 mile race last month.  These are our healthy friends!  Anyway, Brian ran the whole marathon with Tamsen and they looked totally awesome at mile 26 where we were cheering them on.  Only .2 miles to go!

That’s how I cheer people on, join in on the run for 30 seconds.

Looking so good

Way to go Tamsen and Brian.  You guys rock!

I will be back after dinner.  Have a great Monday

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2 Responses to Happy November!

  1. Karen Anne says:

    Here’s a big hug for Henry, what a great dog!

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